Wednesday, 22 February 2012

My first blog

Hello and welcome to my first ever blog!

My name is Sam, I am a 25 yr old Event Manager, born in Cirencester but bred in North Devon. I will use this blog to describe and show (like so many people I am an aspiring photographer) the things I love seeing and doing in Devon and beyond. Please bear with me as I have immediately discovered that while I think my life is interesting, turning my excitement in to words is not so easy.

I'm going to start with a pic I took while playing golf at Saunton Golf Club in North Devon; My Dad and I, and occasionally my brother Ralph, play at the crack of dawn nearly every Sunday morning. This picture was taken on the 3rd green on the East course just as the sun was rising on a fresh winter morning. I lost this game but the picture makes up for it ;)

That's it for my first blog, I'll be back again soon. Ciao